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File created: 1/10/2022 In control: City Council
On agenda: 1/25/2022 Final action: 1/20/2022
Attachments: 1. 1. CIP 689 Clark Renovations - Approved FY 2021-22 Capital Improvement Project Detail Sheet, 2. 2. Clark Building Design – Presented to the Commissions, 3. 3. Clark Building Design – Received on January 19, 2022, 4. 4. Clark Building Design Presentation by the Albert Architect Group, 5. 5. Link to June 15, 2017 City Council Report, 6. 6. Link to June 12, 2018 City Council Report, 7. 7. SUPPLEMENTAL ecomment from Claudia Berman (Submitted on 01-25-22 at 11.28 a.m.)

Honorable Mayor and Members of the Hermosa Beach City Council                                                                        

Regular Meeting of January 25, 2022





(Public Works Director Joe SanClemente)



Recommended Action:


Staff recommends City Council:

1.                     Approve the Clark Building Renovations final plans; and

2.                     Appropriate $747,033 from the Capital Improvement Fund to the CIP 689 project budget for the construction phase of the project.



Executive Summary:

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) 689 Clark Building Renovations provides for a full renovation of the Clark Building. The renovation includes remodeling of the kitchen area complete with new appliances; remodeling the restrooms and ballroom area; the addition of air conditioning, heating, and solar panels; acoustical improvements; new lighting throughout; a new sewer lateral; and full Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for both the interior and exterior of the building.


Approval of the final design plans and appropriation of $747,033 from the Capital Improvement Fund would allow staff to move forward with the bidding process to complete construction of the project.



The Clark Building was constructed in 1936, adjoining Clark Stadium and the Lawn Bowling Facility. The building houses a ballroom, two storage rooms, two restrooms, a small stage, and kitchen. The Clark Building is currently used for nonprofit, community, school, and civic organization meetings and gatherings, as well as private parties.


Over the years, the building has undergone various refurbishments. Most recently in 2008, City Council approved CIP 641, which included painting of the exterior of the building, replacement of windows and doors.


At its June 15, 2017 meeting, with the adoption of the FY 2017-18 budget, City Council approved CIP 689, with the purpose of remodeling the kitchen, making minor restroom upgrades, and painting the interior of the building. Under the original project scope, the bulk of the work was to be done by City maintenance crews with a budget of just $165,000. On June 12, 2018, with the adoption of the FY 2018-19 budget, City Council increased the project’s total budget to $475,100 to cover a larger scope of work including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system, new lighting in the ballroom space, and new ADA access to the building. The current project detail sheet for CIP 689 is included as Attachment 1.


At its July 3, 2018 meeting, the Parks, Recreation and Community Resources Advisory Commission reviewed preliminary designs for the Clark Building kitchen. The Commission recommended the kitchen design be part of a facility-wide design to include the ballroom and restroom space and that the designs consider both existing and potential future uses of the facility. Additionally, the Commission recommended the involvement of subcommittees from both the Parks, Recreation, and Community Resources Advisory Commission and the Public Works Commission in design development.


On May 28, 2020, staff selected one of the City’s on-call consultants, The Albert Architect Group (Architect) to design the Clark Building Renovations. The cost of these design services is $63,000.


On September 14, 2020, the Community Resources Department performed community engagement through a survey and a virtual community forum. The survey was shared with neighboring residents, past facility users, and to the community through a social media campaign. Two surveys were developed, one for community and facility users and another for nearby residents. A virtual community forum was hosted on Monday, October 19, 2020, to discuss the scope of the project, evaluate facility user needs, gather community input, and understand the neighboring residents’ concerns. Information gathered through community engagement was used by staff, the subcommittees, and the architect to guide the design and specifically to determine the best kitchen type to accommodate the needs of the current and future building users.


On November 2, 2021, the architect presented the current design plans to the Parks, Recreation, and Community Resources Advisory Commission and the Commission provided their approval. On November 17, 2021, the architect presented the current design plans to the Public Works Commission and the Commission also provided approval.


Past Council Actions

Meeting Date


June 15, 2017

City Council approves CIP 689 with the adoption of the FY 2017-18 budget

June 12, 2018

City Council increases the budget and scope for CIP 689 with the adoption of the FY 2018-19 budget




Included as Attachment 2 are the current design plans prepared by the project architect. These plans reflect design goals developed through the public engagement process and cover the following elements:


                     Provides compliance with ADA standards for the building; 

                     Designs an overall space including a main hall, kitchen, and restrooms that meet the building’s occupancy load of 170 seated and 240-assembly style; 

                     Includes elements that are complimentary to the building’s art deco architecture in the overall design;

                     Increases energy efficiency for all appliances and lighting;

                     Provides a kitchen and hall space that is versatile for the needs of existing users, as well as potential future users;

                     Includes audio visual (AV) equipment and acoustic improvements;

                     Provides storage areas compatible with the storage of all necessary equipment for the space including tables, chairs, AV equipment, a podium and stage;

                     Designs modern restroom facilities that are compatible with building usage; 

                     Incorporates the addition of solar panels; and 

                     Develops a design that minimizes maintenance costs.


The funds requested in FY 2018-19 for the project were based on preliminary cost estimation, to be further developed during design. The FY 2018-19 construction cost estimate only included the original scope of work and did not include the increased scope or cost escalation for future years. The additional items included in the project are complete electrical, plumbing, and mechanical upgrades; enhanced ADA access throughout the property; new trash enclosure; addition of an HVAC and solar systems; a new sewer lateral; new flooring; and an acoustical ceiling to improve the acoustics of the building.


The current construction cost estimate for the building is approximately $850,000 and includes all modern appliances and fixtures and cost escalation. The actual cost would depend on the bids received for construction. Actual bid prices would be presented to City Council for approval and award. 


During the bidding and construction phase of the project, City staff and the Parks, Recreation and Community Resources Advisory Commission subcommittee would review and update the Clark Building use policies to better suit the renovated space. The remodel is tentatively scheduled to be completed by 2023.


General Plan Consistency:

This report and associated recommendation have been evaluated for their consistency with the City’s General Plan. Relevant Policies are listed below:


Sustainability Element


Goal 4. A leader in reducing energy consumption and renewable energy production.


                     4.4 Municipal facilities. Utilize renewable energy sources at City facilities.

                     4.5 Sustainable building standards. Use sustainable building checklists to minimize or eliminate waste and maximize recycling in building design, demolition, and construction activities.


Parks + Open Space Element


Goal 3. Community parks and facilities encourage social activity and interaction.


                     3.6 Availability of City facilities. Consider the demand and availability of City facilities for general community use in the long-term lease and/or rental of City facilities.

Goal 4. Direct and accessible routes and connections to parks, recreational facilities, and open space are provided.


                     4.4 ADA accessible park access. Install ADA and universally accessible amenities and equipment so that all parks, beach, and trail networks are accessible to all persons.


Infrastructure Element


Goal 1. Infrastructure systems are functional, safe, and well maintained.


                     1.8 Minimize recurring repairs. Ensure that recurring repairs to City facilities are minimized by investing in low maintenance materials and performing preventive procedures where available.


Fiscal Impact:

Staff is requesting an additional $747,033 to support the construction phase of the project. The funds would cover the full construction costs, as well as the construction management and inspection services for the project. If approved, the total expected budget would be a total of $1,109,000 including: $850,000 for construction; $159,000 for construction management and inspection services; and $100,000 as a contingency for any unforeseen conditions or work. Any unused funds will be returned to the Capital Improvement Fund.


Table A. Project Funds


Fund Title


Remaining Budget


Requesting Funds


Total Expected Budget



Table B. Project Expenses


Fund Title






Construction Support







1.                     CIP 689 Clark Renovations-Approved FY 2021-22 Capital Improvement Project Detail Sheet

2.                     Clark Building Design - Presented to the Commissions

3.                     Clark Building Design - Received on January 19, 2022

4.                     Clark Building Design Presentation by the Albert Architect Group

5.                     Link to June 15, 2017 City Council Report

6.                     Link to June 12, 2018 City Council Report



Respectfully Submitted by: Jonathan Pascual, Assistant Engineer

Concur: Lucho Rodriguez, Deputy City Engineer

Concur: Joseph SanClemente, Public Works Director

Noted for Fiscal Impact: Viki Copeland, Finance Director

Approved: Suja Lowenthal, City Manager